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Best CBSE Boarding School in Cuttack
Fees Refund Policy

Registration fee & Admission fee will not be refunded in any case. The security deposit will not be refunded if any scholarship is offered at the time of admission. Once the parents / guardian intimate the Boarding School in Cuttack writing and apply for the transfer certificate / cancellation of admission for his / her ward, parents / guardian should clear all dues up to the current quarter. The school is not liable to return the amount paid at the time of admission under any circumstances, whether the student has attended the classes or not from the beginning of the session.

Once the new session commences, the security deposit will only be refunded if the tuition fee and (transport fee / Hostel fee) if applicable up to the relevant quarter is paid. Otherwise, it will be considered as forfeited.

  1.  Annual fees is charged for the financial year from April to March. (The annual fee is raised in advance in January and must be paid full in advance before the commencement of a session).

  2. Please ensure full payment for the relevant quarter. All quarterly fees must be paid on or before the 10th of the first month of the relevant quarter.

Payments are to be made in either of the following methods:

  1. Cash can be directly deposited at the schools Accounts Department.

  2. Through A/C payee Cheque's drawn in favor of “Chaitanya in Narayana Educational Trust” to be submitted in person to the boarding school in Cuttack office. 

  3. Online Payment Screen Shot can be directly Share at the Boarding Schools Accounts Department.

  4. No student will be allowed to attend the school unless all outstanding dues are cleared.

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